The Franchise Trainer™ insightful training courses cater to the ever-increasing demand for personalized franchise and entrepreneurial training in the marketplace.

With a combined trainer and client-centered strategy, we offer a firsthand experience, comprehensive syllabi, and sophisticated curricula of in-depth franchise content.

Focusing on acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes, our methodically structured courses are informative, proactive, and engaging and aspire to create a franchise-knowledgeable generation of entrepreneurs who can develop the region’s economy by means of franchising.

Our purpose is to help in overcoming the scarcity of franchise professionals in the region and to establish a foundation for building the professional capabilities of all parties involved in franchising.

The Grand Design of Franchising
A Comprehensive Course on Developing a Full Business Format Franchise
Secrets of Franchise Acquisition
Your Pursuit to Identify, Qualify and Select a Franchise Business
A Quantum Leap in Franchise Expansion
Why Are You Unable to Expand Your Franchise Business at a Satisfactory and Timely Rate?
Supporting Small and Micro Businesses Through Franchising
Ignite the Growth of the Franchise Industry
Achieving Financial Security with Franchising
Franchising for Entrepreneurs
Bespoke Franchise Training Courses
Custom-built Training Programs to Meet Clients’ requirements
Public Speaking
Professional Speakers and Trainers for the Ultimate Audience Engagement
Coming Soon
Wide-ranging New Courses in the Making by Leading Franchise Professionals


Our team of talented and skilled consultants allow us at The Franchise Trainer™ to be strategic partners to our clients, bringing them extensive knowledge, experience and capabilities, and new breadth and scale to each franchise consultancy program.

Unlike other franchise consulting and marketing firms in the marketplace, The Franchise Trainer™ offers more focused and specialized consultancy programs, absolutely unique in the marketplace, bringing value-added support to our clients for the most feasible and functional franchise systems

Franchise-ability Test
(Specific to Potential Franchisors)
Fast-Track Franchise Development Program
(A Low-Cost Program, Specific to Start-Up Franchisors)
Franchise Audit Program (Health Check)
(Specific to Existing Franchisors)
Franchise System Re-Engineering
(Specific to Evolving Franchisors)
Repackaging the Master Franchise Business for Sub-Franchising
(Specific to Appointed Master Franchisees and Country/Area Developers)
Franchise Pre Entry Studies: Country/Area Franchise Expansion Strategy
(Specific to Franchisors/Master Franchisees in the Expansion Stage)
Management of the Franchise Marketing Program
Research and Procurement of Franchise Brands
(Specific to Potential Franchisees and Investors)
Mall Service Tenants Research Program
(Specific to Real Estate Developers)
Advisory Services in Organizing Franchise Seminars, Conferences
(Specific to Organizers of Franchise Events, SME support organizations, and Educational Institutions)


Consultancy Services for Governments & SME Organizations

Everyone must have a specific mission in life, carrying out responsibilities and fulfilling obligations towards others to have a sense of trustworthiness and self-actualization.

We at The Franchise Trainer™ have been gifted with our extensive knowledge and vast experience in franchising, and we firmly believe that our foremost mission is to help others in their businesses and lives with this knowledge and experience.

We have the unshakable faith that we have an obligation towards people, not only to share our knowledge and relay our experience, but also to impart our reliable wisdom, and transmit our positive vibes to them.

After being immersed in the franchise industry for decades, we believe it is our mission in life to support entrepreneurs and SMEs, a mission we set out to realize through our consultancy programs.

To us, supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs is not just an ethos or a grandiose idea, but it is an inevitable requirement that allows the continued flow of the river of success.

Women in Franchising Initiative
Productive Families and Home-Based Business Franchise Program
Nano Franchising™
Domestic Franchise Acceleration Program (DFAP)
Global Franchise Positioning Program (GFPP)