Franchise-ability Test
(Specific to Potential Franchisors)

Program Purpose

Help clients make the strategic decision on whether to embark their businesses on a major franchise program or consider alternative options for business growth and expansion.

“When you don't know that you don't know, it's a lot different than when you do know that you don't know.”
Bill Parcells

An American former football coach, known as "The Big Tuna”

Program Synopsis

This is an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the current operating system as it is today to find out how it compares with the established criteria of a sound professional business format franchise.

The franchise-ability test covers 20 to 25 elements of the business and involves a two-day visit to the client’s headquarters to meet with key executives, undertake a data collection process, and discuss the main components of the business and how it may be franchised.

As part of the program, the consultant will develop a complete franchise-ability report including the financial analysis of the franchise business for three years.

The report covers; financial and managerial resources to support successful franchising, management and executive personnel, expertise and knowhow, administrative system, corporate image and identity, staying power of the products and services, distinctive features of the business concept, proven formula for success and the requirements for the protection of intellectual property rights.

Program Language: English or Arabic subject to client’s requirements.