Research and Procurement of Franchise Brands
(Specific to Potential Franchisees and Investors)

Program Purpose

Provide expert franchise advisory services in relation to identifying, evaluating, and securing individual, master or country/area development franchise/license rights for a specific market area.

“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”
Peter Drucker

An Austrian-born American management consultant, educator and writer.

Program Synopsis

This program is divided into four stages as follows:

Data Collection and Alignment of Goals:

Gather information related to client’s business goals and objectives, current business(s)’ background, expertise and knowhow, organizational structure and managerial, operational and financial resources and how they can be deployed to support the launch and management of the new franchise business in the target market.

Discuss client’s specific interest in select franchise categories, agree on selection criteria for franchisor companies and provide advice on the best options for franchise development formats.

As a result of the data collection process, the consultant will assist the client in developing a professional business profile/presentation designed to attract the serious attention of franchisor companies.

Research and Evaluation of Franchise Brands:

Through a network of representative offices worldwide, strong relationships with leading franchise industry experts, memberships and connections in various franchise associations, franchise directories and publications, the consultant will research and introduce franchise opportunities based on the agreed selection criteria.

Upon receipt of the client’s approval of a franchise brand, the consultant will undertake an evaluation of the selected franchisor’s particulars such as length of trading, the number of company-owned and franchised units, organizational strengths, franchise format, business unit/model(s) and their layout & design, attractiveness of corporate image, franchisee training program, elements of initial and ongoing support services to franchisees, research and development, technological advancement, marketing assistance, proprietary products, supply chain solutions and most certainly the franchise terms and conditions and legal agreement(s).

Based on the potential of the franchise business in the target area and in addition to measuring of the anticipated level of competition, market saturation, pricing structure and possible market positioning, the consultant will produce a three-year financial study for the chosen brand and will provide advice and guidance for reaching the preferred commercial terms with the franchisor.

Franchise Procurement:

The consultant will work with the client’s legal team to review the legal and commercial terms of the franchise agreement and will assist in the negotiation process between the parties.

The consultant will also facilitate and arrange meetings between the client and the franchisor company, and will provide guidance during the process of signing of the agreement, and the acquisition of the rights.

Concept Customization and Launch Support:

Upon the signing of the franchise agreement, the consultant will provide recommendations on the possible customization of the business concept and unit size/model including product line, range of services, unit design, promotional material, launch and annual marketing plans and will supervise the implementation of these recommendations until the inauguration of the first pilot operation of the franchised business.

For an efficient and a smooth transfer of the business system and knowhow, the consultant will monitor the execution of the training and will provide a report on its success and will submit an evaluation of the trainees.

Program Language: English or Arabic subject to client’s requirements.