Courses’ Requirements

Prior to each training course all participants will provide:

  • Corporate and/or personal contact details.
  • Personal photographs and brief profiles of no more than 250 words.
  • Questions/clarifications regarding the course subject matter.
  • Past views of obstacles/challenges they believe relevant to entrepreneurial and franchising.
  • Participants Own Laptops/Tablets.

Venue Requirements

  • A reasonably-sized meeting room.
  • Writing Board or Flipcharts.
  • Video Projector and Large Screen.
  • Good Internet Connection.
  • Sufficient Electrical Outlets.
  • Optional: Digital Video Recorder for live recording of all sessions for future reference.

Other Requirements(Specific to corporate clients)

  • Company profile/presentation/brochures/flyers.
  • High-quality (at least 1200 pixels wide) corporate and brand (business concept) logos in JPEG format.
  • 10-15 high quality digital images showing business unit exterior and interior, product and general business images.
  • Corporate video (if available).
  • Corporate organizational structure.
  • Web and social media links.
  • Business key financial numbers.