Global Franchise Positioning Program (GFPP)

In today’s franchise world, there are franchise exporting countries from which brands are developing internationally, and their expansion enhances the economic, political, cultural, and global competitiveness of their nations.

On the other side, there are franchise importing countries where international brands find a haven for the successful growth of their businesses.

Although, inward franchising may have many social, technological, economic, and political positive impacts on a country, there will always be the risk of outward cashflow in terms of payment of franchise fees, royalties, levies, and most importantly sourcing products through international suppliers which reflects on the overall national net worth.

Not knowing where a country stands on the international franchise map or being uncertain about its position in the eyes of the industry worldwide leaders will spread negative sentiments, will cause a lack of clarity for doing business in general and will affect foreign investments in emerging markets.

“The raw fact is that every successful example of economic development this past century ... has taken place via globalization.”
Paul Krugman

An American economist and a columnist for The New York Times.

The first step in positioning a country on the world’s franchise map is undertaking a market survey to understand the size and annual turnover and main sectors of the franchise industry in terms of the number of local franchisors, master franchisees, franchised units in addition to the number of direct jobs created every year via franchising and the contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Other important elements of the program include publishing a franchise directory and a bilingual national franchise publication and developing a physical and online franchise information center in addition to an on-line franchise discussion forum.

This will function as the hub for connecting all stakeholders of the franchise industry in the country together with franchisors, franchisees, and worldwide service providers, and will encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences in a reciprocal manner.

Consequently, out-going franchise expeditions and roadshows will be organized to promote the country as a popular franchise market and to encourage outward franchising by exhibiting at international franchise shows and conferences.

Program Language: English or Arabic subject to client’s requirements.