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The Franchise Trainer™ brings to the marketplace integrated and sophisticated franchise training courses that offer progressive and methodical learning practices supported by experienced consultants and a professional management team.

Driven by profound knowledge and decades of experience, The Franchise Trainer™ focuses on creating a new generation of knowledgeable business owners, professionals, and support service suppliers for the franchise industry.

Focusing on acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes, our methodically structured courses are informative, proactive, and engaging, and aspire to create a franchise-knowledgeable generation of entrepreneurs who can develop the region’s economy by means of franchising.

Our franchise trainers and consultants are the elite of the franchise industry in the world, each with a proven track-record and long experience in supporting the franchise industry and SMEs, and are recognized for their achievements in the industry.

Our Support

This is your opportunity to offer franchise training courses and consultancy services using The Franchise Trainer™ name, and proprietary literature and material protected by copyrights.

  • You will receive an initial orientation program which covers The Franchise Trainer™ business concept, objectives, mission, philosophy and values.
  • We will help you customize your own unique training courses and consultancy services, and assist you in drafting related course curricula and proposals.
  • We will assist you in designing your own presentations and training literature.
  • We will promote your courses and consultancy services on The Franchise Trainer™ platform and media.
  • We will invite you to join our team of speakers in franchise seminars, conferences, and workshops.
  • We offer the opportunity across our network of trainers and consultants for joint courses and programs.
  • We continuously update our courses and programs through research and in consultation with you and other team members.
  • You will receive additional guidelines for the newly introduced training courses and consultancy services.