The Franchise Trainer™ Courses’ Annual Sponsorship Packages
Doing Well by Doing Good

“The nicest feeling in the world is to do a good deed anonymously, and have somebody find out.”
Oscar Wilde

An Irish poet and playwright, best remembered for his epigrams and plays, and his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

In today’s greater MENA region, there are hundreds of companies that provide managerial, technical, and vocational training, and all sorts of other training programs, but none of them offer dedicated franchise training programs and none of the existing franchise marketing and consultancy companies offer adequate franchise educational content and/or resources.

With the industry growing year after year, the need for obtaining professional franchise knowledge is becoming an increasingly demanding request by those involved in franchising, whether they are business owners or executive managers working in a franchise-related business.

The Franchise Trainer™ is the industry leader in franchise training regionally and globally and shares a wealth of franchise knowledge, exceptional educational content, and advanced training methods.

The Franchise Trainer™ brings to the marketplace integrated and sophisticated franchise training courses that offer progressive and methodical learning practices supported by our franchise consultants and management team.

Driven by the management team knowledge and decades of experience in the franchise business, both regionally and internationally, The Franchise Trainer™ focuses on fundamental change in the basic concept and practices of franchising to create a new generation of knowledgeable business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and support service providers to the franchise industry.

Key Benefits of the Annual Sponsorship Package

By becoming a sponsor of one of The Franchise Trainer’s courses, you will achieve your objectives of brand building, propagate your message as a supporter of small business enterprises, and contribute to the capacity-building, education, scale up programs and skill development of franchisor, franchisees, and industry’s support service providers on a regional and a global level.

Your annual course sponsorship package will include the following benefits:

  • One-day free training course at the sponsor’s preferred venue for up to 10 attendees (travel & accommodation to be paid by sponsor).
  • Editorial write up on The Franchise Trainer™ Resources web page.
  • Keynote/chairmanship of panel sessions during public speaking seminars.
  • Distribution of sponsors give-away gifts to course attendees.
  • Opportunity to present case studies and real-life examples relating to course subject.
  • PR campaigns and press releases related to the course.

Online: Your corporate or brand logo will be featured and hyperlinked on:

  • Course web pages on
  • Course online & print promotions.
  • Course digital brochure.
  • Course social media pages.
  • Online newsletters with priority feature reserved for sponsor.

Printed Material:

  • Course folder (front & back).
  • Course lesson notes, information packs, worksheets, and handouts.
  • Course admin pack, printed material, and stationery.
  • Logo on course completion certificate.

Training Venues:

  • All slides of speakers’ presentations.
  • Logo projection in between course main sessions.
  • Logo on banners and backdrop in the training venues.

A Franchise Consultancy Voucher:

Receive a voucher worth US$ 1,000 for future consultancy programs carried out by The Franchise Trainer™.

Training Course Annual Sponsorship Fees
US$ 18,000

This is a worthwhile investment to build brand recognition, while doing good for your community and supporting SMEs, the franchise industry at large. Note: Annual sponsorship packages are offered for each of the courses on a first-come first-served basis, and will be booked for one full year.