Training Techniques

Our knowledge and skill-based courses are designed to be interactive with various academic techniques that enable participants to obtain and utilize the foundation of knowledge and skills effectively. These techniques include:
Data collection format for business review prior to the commencement of the course. (Specific to corporate clients). Lesson notes and handouts (provided prior to the commencement of the course for review by participants).
Course Information Packs & Documents Templates (Presentations handouts, work sheets, scripts, dialogues, profiles, financial studies, proposals, agreements, guidelines, references and downloadable resources, etc). Interactive Questions & Answers Sessions.
Practical Exercises/Feedback.
Pre-formatted Templates.
Measurement of collective memory (Group shared pool of knowledge and information). Group Work.
Presentations by the trainer.
Discussion documents. Brainstorming Sessions.
Teamwork analysis. Deliberation/Reflection Sessions.
Visual Aids.


Tests & Evaluation.
Post training support. Optional: Course live recording for future references.