A Quantum Leap in Franchise Expansion
Why Are You Unable to Expand Your Franchise Business at a Satisfactory and Timely Rate?

Course Main Sessions

A Better Understanding of Franchising: A presentation to re-examine franchising with a fresh eye covering legal and commercial obligations of an ethical franchisor.

Your Pledge as a Franchisor: A mind mapping to visually identify and organize packages for preliminary and continuing managerial, operational, and technical support to franchisees.

How to Realize the Best Benefits of Franchising? A discussion document covering the financial, operational, administrative, and strategic benefits of franchising and its drawbacks and challenges from a franchisor’s standpoint.

Franchise Formats & the Best Options for Expansion: A review of the most commonly used types of franchise expansion, followed by a problem-solving session to decide which type is the most suitable.

The Voice of Money: A presentation on the feasibility of a franchise model covering investment levels vs Return on Investment “ROI”).

Franchise Financial Study: A practice/feedback session where participants will work with the trainer on an Excel spreadsheet template to produce a customized financial study which can be converted to a full franchise business plan.

Unleash the Power of Your Franchisees: A full abstract on what to offer in a franchise training program followed by a practice/feedback session to discuss how and where the training may be conducted.

The Logistics of Your Proprietary Products: A problem-solving session to identify the conceivable difficulties in a supply chain system, and their causes in the product/service mix, direct cost and retail pricing, and the best means to create a line of proprietary products to be sourced to franchisees.

Franchise Terms & Conditions: A brief on the main headers of a standard franchise proposal, followed by a group work session where participants will be split into two teams to produce a comprehensive term sheet. Then, each team will present its proposal/term sheet for the other team to discuss and provide feedback.

Are You Prepared for Growth and Success? An analytical session focusing on the required franchise administration system, internal staffing and plans for organizational expansion with the growth of the business.

Change Management Process: A brainstorming session for the implementation of organizational change to empower and support individuals to effectively drive franchise success and profitable outcomes.

A Guide for Selecting & Handling Potential Franchisees: A group discussion covering prospective franchisee profile, and the management of a franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Game – Snowball Fight: Each participant writes one question related to the covered subjects on a piece of paper. Then with the start of a musical track, each participant crumples the paper into a ball and throws it at other participants. When the music stops, each participant picks up a snowball close to her/him, open it, reads the question aloud and answers it.

*Murphy’s Law in Franchise Expansion: The adage that states that “Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance.” What are the consequences of setbacks in franchise expansion, and how do you overcome them to achieve desired results? How to deal with struggling franchisees, and what risks do they impose on the business?

Navigating the High Seas with Franchising: A figurative presentation on the challenges that may face emerging franchisors, and the means of surviving a brutal franchise world.

What is a Good Franchise Agreement? The types and main headers of the agreements, and the elements of intellectual property rights. A template of a franchise agreement will be shared with participants during this session.

Pre-entry Study: A deliberation/reflection session on the most important elements that may affect the successful franchise entry in a specific country or region.

Site Selection Criteria: A group exercise using a score sheet to evaluate all the characteristics and features of a proposed site for a franchised unit.

*Ansoff Matrix & Territorial Clustering: A chart showing the options for franchise expansion strategies, through understanding the links between new or existing products and services in new or existing markets.

Geographical Customization of the Franchise Business: Using a real-life example of a franchise brand chosen by the participants, the group will discuss the re-design of the business and the franchise elements that meet the variables in target markets.

The lifecycle of a Franchisor/Franchisee Relationship: A review of the phases of the franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Website & Social Media Platforms: Online case studies to demonstrate websites and social media platforms of select franchise companies to show their role in lead generation, and franchise marketing.

How to Produce an Effective Franchise Marketing Plan? A review and assessment of the franchise promotional tools and the short, medium, and long-term plans for marketing a franchise brand, followed by a group discussion covering target markets, strategy for national and regional expansion, effective traditional and online franchise marketing tools, and the required budget.

Time Management in Franchising: How to use time management techniques to run a franchise business effectively?

The 10 Laws of Highly Successful Franchisors: An inspirational self-help presentation covering the laws which govern the success in franchising.

* A popular adage by Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr. (January 11, 1918 – July 17, 1990). An American aerospace engineer who worked on safety-critical systems. He is best known for his namesake Murphy’s law.

* Igor Ansoff – A Russian-American applied mathematician, known as the father of strategic management.