Achieving Financial Security with Franchising
Franchising for Entrepreneurs

Course Main Sessions

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: An introduction and open discussion to answer important questions such as: Is self-development or personal growth part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem? Is the process of developing one’s skills and abilities important for entrepreneurs?

Vision & Values: A presentation on how to make your life meaningful and illuminate your path to success and happiness.

Essential Keys to Success & Happiness: What do success and happiness mean to you? Will they help you to materialize your dreams in life?

That Day You Are Gone … Write Your Own Obituary: An experiential exercise where each of the participants overhears what people say about them at their funeral.

Your Bucket List: An essay exercise where each of the participants write down the achievements that they hope to accomplish during their lifetime.

Self-limiting Beliefs: A review of some of the irrational conceptions that can hold you back from achieving what you are capable of.

Balanced Lifestyle: A step-by-step guide on how to discover your personal core values, and translate them to a vision for your life.

Become the Master of Your Own Destiny: An action plan to formulate your value system, and achieve your goals.

Build Your Own Value System: Set your self-discipline based on the rules you have learned during the course. An exercise where each participant writes her/his own values and vision statement. Two participants will then volunteer to share their conclusions with the other participants.

Franchising from the Vantage Point of an Entrepreneur: A presentation on the ingredients of a proven successful franchise model, and the fundamentals of a franchisor/franchisee relationship.

What Makes Franchising Unique? A discussion document covering operational and financial elements of franchising, agency, licensing, wholesale, dealerships, distributorship, and representation.

A SWOT Analysis of Franchising: What are the risks involved? A brainstorming session covering the financial, operational, administrative, and strategic pros and cons of franchising.

Buy a Franchise or Start My Own Business? Is obtaining a franchise always the best option? A mind mapping session to discuss the pluses and minuses of buying a franchise.

What Can Go Wrong? A deliberation/reflection session to answer important questions such as; Why your dream brand may not work for you? and How major international franchises operate and expand?

Most Commonly Used Types of Franchising: A presentation, followed by teamwork analysis to decide which type is the most appropriate for entrepreneurs.

Franchise Terms & Conditions: A brief on the main headers of a standard franchise proposal, followed by a group work session where participants will work in two teams to produce a comprehensive franchise term sheet. Then, each group will present its proposal/term sheet for the other group to discuss and provide feedback.

Coaching & Supporting Franchisees for Greater Success: A brainstorming session to visually identify and organize the packages for initial and ongoing managerial, operational, and technical support to franchisees.

Money Tales: Do we have the right concept of money? How does it connect with franchising? (Franchise Feasibility – Investment Levels VS Return on Investment “ROI”).

Life Begins Now – Reach Your Greatest Potential: A checklist of the major principles for becoming financially secured.

Nuts & Bolts of Your Financial Plan: An overview of a millionaire financial study, followed by sharing a template of a financial plan on the way to becoming a financially secured.

Your Financial Plan to Make Your First Million: In a live exercise with the help of the trainer and the audience and by using the principles provided in the course, three participants will start working on an Excel Sheet by entering numbers in the financial template leading to making the first million.