Achieving Financial Security with Franchising
Franchising for Entrepreneurs

Invest your energy, your time, and your resources in yourself to achieve your purpose in life and set strong values and clear visions and pursue them with a passion to yield profitable returns in the future.

As an entrepreneur you can change the way people live and work. Your creativity and innovation will raise the standard of living, create jobs and wealth, and will shape the perfect environment for the prosperity of your country.

“You don’t have to be a great person to be able to dream, but you must dream so that you can be great.”
Yasser Hareb

A prominent writer and TV presenter from Dubai, UAE, best known for his novel “Take off your Shoes” and his book Picasso and Starbucks.

Course Synopsis

With thousands of fresh graduates and young entrepreneurs looking to start businesses each year, our obligation is to encourage and reward their entrepreneurial instinct, to help them become the transmission in the economy’s engine, activating and stimulating sustainable economic success.

Entrepreneurs are national treasures and should be protected, nourished, encouraged, rewarded, and enabled to make their dreams come true and change the world around them.

This course aims to create a new generation of knowledgeable and passionate franchise market leaders through a variety of progressive learning exercises.

Achieving Financial Security with Franchising training course is a three-fold inspirational journey covering personal-growth, franchising, and financial planning in the quest for the development of entrepreneurial capabilities.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”
Napoleon Hill

An American self-help author, best known for his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Course Purpose

  • To offer substantial knowledge and considerable experience in personal-growth, franchising and financial planning.
  • To provide a balanced blend of experiential learning and skill building to ensure sustained momentum in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To inspire participants to discover their own vision and personal core values and kindle their creativity and innovation.
  • To demonstrate franchising as a strategic option for financial stability and wellbeing using a template for a monetary plan on the path to become economically secured.
  • To enable entrepreneurs to lead a far-reaching initiative to contribute to building a flourishing franchise industry.
  • To promote entrepreneurship and innovation and foster the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystems as the main path of economic development.
  • To endorse government strategies that help entrepreneurs spur small business growth and provide new job opportunities.
  • To help in building a robust SME sector to serve effectively as the principal engine for accelerated, broad-based economic growth.

Course Specifics

Course Duration
20 Hours (3 full days)
Course Material Language
English or Arabic subject to client’s requirements.


This course is offered at venues provided by SME and entrepreneurship support organizations/institutions, socio-economic development agencies, franchise, industry and trade associations/councils/bureaus, chambers of commerce, research foundations, banks and financial institutions, universities/academies, HQs or centers of small businesses groups/owners and organizers of exhibitions and forums.

Target Audience

  • Business women and men, entrepreneurs, investors, and members of business society.
  • Business leaders, founders/owners of small and medium sized enterprises, emerging companies, and family businesses.
  • University students and fresh graduates.
  • Visionaries, innovators, and daydreamers.
  • Initiators, creative thinkers, and risk-takers.
  • Policymakers, leaders and officials of ministries and governmental and semi-governmental organizations supporting SMEs.
  • Decision-makers, leaders and executives of chambers of commerce and socio-economic development organizations/associations/councils.
  • Leaders and executives of business incubators, accelerators.
  • Bankers and executives of investment funds, money-lending firms, and financial institutions.
  • University instructors, lecturers, and faculty members of educational centers and institutes.
  • Economists, business experts and academic and strategic researchers.
  • Franchise suppliers and support service providers.
  • Executives of major corporations supporting young entrepreneurs in franchising.

Course Fees

US$ 8,125 for up to 10 participants.
Each additional participant = US$ 780.

For courses outside Dubai, all fees exclude business class air tickets, hotel chain accommodation and transportation.

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