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The Franchise Trainer™ is constantly evolving and we are pleased to present you with our franchise training courses which are under development by experts in franchising.

These comprehensive brand-new courses are being designed specifically to meet the varied requirements of our clients and our training material are being produced based on the examination of the training needs of the target audience.

Managing a Franchise Business

The Franchisor/Franchisee relationship beyond the contractual business relationship which is governed by the franchise agreement.

Knowing that franchisees are independent business owners, this course offers solutions for making sure that your franchisees are profitable while exercising control to maintain operational standards, overcome disagreements, and make them honor their financial and legal obligations towards you.

Developing a Profitable Sub-Franchise Business in Your Territory

Sub-franchising offers the possibility for faster growth of the business in the master franchisee territory, and creates an additional source of income through sub-franchise fees, royalties and marketing levies, in addition to the opportunity for generating income from sourcing proprietary products to franchisees.

This training course addresses the requirements for re-engineering the business concept and franchise model to meet the variables in the franchised country, region, or territory.

Franchise Legalities for Non-Lawyers

There is no franchise attorney who will give you a free complete knowledge of franchise laws and regulations or will explain the content of a franchise agreement or teach you how to negotiate the commercial and legal terms with the franchisor.

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, this course will provide you with the essential legal knowledge you require to enter into a contractual relationship with the other party, or to maintain a healthy franchisor/franchisee relationship, by understanding the responsibilities of the other party, and by honoring your obligations while running the business profitably.

Franchising for Financial Managers and Accountants

Creating identifiable contribution to the organizational revenues and profits is the chief purpose of franchising.

This course offers solutions to creating an independent franchise profit center and to maintain a healthy cashflow by maintaining a healthy financial relationship with your franchisees or sub-franchisees.

Franchise Manager Personal Coaching Program

This is a 3-day, face-to-face training course to educate and qualify your franchise manager to undertake her/his responsibilities in managing the franchise business and supporting franchisees.

The course also covers a franchise manager full job description in attending to daily tasks of franchise management, marketing, and recruitment of franchisees.

Leading Franchisees’ Training Program

Training is central to the long-term success of a franchise business, yet it is a more complex process covering classroom and hands-on initial and ongoing, managerial, operational, and technical training

Based on an agreed plan, The Franchise Trainer™ team will offer recommendations on proprietary training tools, specimen and documentation and will manage the provision of training to the newly appointed franchisees and will provide coaching to the franchisor’s operational support team for a successful and productive training and for the franchisee to learn the entire process of establishing, operating and managing the day-to-day business in the franchised territory/unit.

Additionally, our trainers will provide specific classroom training sessions covering the theoretical part of the business such as corporate culture, business integrity, brand value, market positioning, site selection criteria, store opening program, customer service, and pre-launch and annual marketing plans and local store promotions.

Train-the-Trainer Program for Franchisees

In franchising, it is unfeasible and impractical and almost impossible to include everyone in the franchisee team in the initial training program, especially when the franchisor HQ and units are distant from the franchisee territory.

Hence, comes the importance of the train-the-trainer program as a learning technique that teaches key personnel to become trainers themselves and share their learning experience with other staff in their organization.

With role modeling, a focus on leadership capabilities, knowledge, skill and attitude retention, and psychological aptitudes development, trainees will learn by teaching others in their team.