Secrets of Franchise Acquisition
Your Pursuit to Identify, Qualify and Select a Franchise Business

A Goal-Oriented Course with a Complete Guide for Buying a Franchise

Course Main Sessions

Foundations of Business Format Franchising: The main components of franchising, and the ingredients for its success.

Gains & Pains of Franchising: Will I be able to avoid business pitfalls by following the franchisor’s footsteps? An open conversation to allow for the flow of information, and the expression of ideas on the benefits and downsides of franchising from the perspective of a franchisee.

Franchise Formats & Your Best Options for Inward Franchising: A full review of the most commonly used types of inward franchising, followed by an in-depth discovery session to decide which type is the most suitable.

Buy a Franchise or Start My Own Business: Is obtaining a franchise always the best option? A mind mapping session to compare the pros & cons of buying a franchise versus starting your own business.

Blunders & Stumbles in Buying a Franchise Brand: A brainstorming session to answer important questions as Why my dream brand may not work for me? How major international franchises operate and expand?

Beware of the Vampizors™: An illustration of the characteristics of greedy, elusive, and morphing franchisors, who are thirsty for money, and want to feed on your blood.

A Beginner’s Guide to Selecting a Franchise Brand: A presentation covering the qualities that the franchisors look for in a good franchisee, the importance of strategic planning in franchise acquisition, and the stages of evaluating a franchise brand.

Franchisee Self Evaluation: A practical exercise where participants answer a questionnaire, which will help them verify their readiness to become successful franchisees and to evaluate the potential success of the planned business.

Drafting Your Business Profile/Presentation: How to attract the serious attention of franchisor companies? A groupwork session where participants are split into two groups to produce a business profile. Then, each group will present their profile for the other group to discuss and provide feedback.

Initial & Ongoing Managerial, Operational & Technical Support Guidelines: A review/assessment of a comprehensive list of support elements expected from a franchisor.

Franchisee Training Program: A full brief on what to expect in a franchise training program over the various operational and managerial levels, followed by a practice/feedback session to discuss how and where the training may be conducted.

Proprietary Products & Supply Chain: A problem-solving session to identify the possible problems and their causes in the product/service mix, direct cost and retail pricing, and the best ways to agree on a reasonable line of proprietary products to be sourced from the franchisor or its nominated suppliers.

Brand Identity in Franchising: A case study and real-life example accompanied by a practice and feedback session to identify and evaluate the elements of brand identity.

Technical & Financial Terms & Conditions of a Franchise Proposal: A brief on the main headers of a standard franchise proposal followed by a collective teamwork session where participants will work in two groups to produce a comprehensive term sheet. Then, each group will present their proposal/term sheet for the other group to discuss and provide feedback.

Things They Don’t Tell You … Questions You Must Ask the Franchisor: Questions related to company history, business activities, products and services, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), support package, and franchisor/franchisee relationship.

How to Negotiate a Franchise Agreement? Types and main headers of franchise agreements, and the elements of intellectual property rights. A template of a franchise agreement will be shared with participants.

Buying a Franchise is Like Buying a Diamond: A presentation on what do carat size, color, fluorescence, cut, and clarity stand for in franchising?

Preparing Your Organization for Growth: A critical thinking session covering the required franchise administration system, internal staffing, and plans for organizational expansion with the growth of the acquired franchise business.

Caricature Time – Group Painting: Three participants will be selected to try and whimsically sketch/draw one element they have learned during the course on a flipchart, and the other participants will try to interpret the drawings and relate it to the information they have received during the course.

Capital Gains VS. Investment: A practical exercise to measure the feasibility of buying a franchise and starting a business, including the initial investment in the corporate and unit levels, and the factors which affect the profitability of the business. Using a template of Excel spreadsheets, participants will work with the trainer to produce a customized financial study for the franchise business.

The 60/20/20 Rule for the Geographical Customization of a Franchise Business Concept: A deliberation/reflection session using a real-world example of a franchise brand to discuss the customization of the franchised unit size/model and design, product/service lines, operating manuals, and marketing plans and material.

How to Select the Location for Your First Franchised Unit? A group exercise using a score sheet to evaluate all the characteristics and features of a proposed site.

Time is Precious, but Perishable & Irreplaceable: There are never more than 24 hours in a day. A presentation on time management techniques for executive managers.