The Grand Design of Franchising
A Comprehensive Course on Developing a Full Business Format Franchise

Course Main Sessions

Things You Need to Know Before Developing Your Business Franchise Model: A multidimensional presentation covering the lexical, legal, and commercial definitions of franchising, and the requirements for the evolution of your business to a franchise.

Franchise-Ability Test for the Business: This is a practical exercise where participants answer a questionnaire that will help them perceive the sphere of the business from the perspective of a franchise owner, identify the loopholes and challenges in building a franchise model, and prepare the company for a major hierarchical change.

Virtues & Vices of Franchising: A discussion paper covering franchising as a “hybrid” model that combines the best aspects of sole proprietorship and corporate business. This paper also covers the financial, operational, administrative, and strategic benefits, drawbacks, and challenges from a franchisor’s standpoint.

I’m so baffled! What is the Difference Between Franchising, Agency, Licensing, Wholesale, Dealerships, Distributorship & Representation? A reference document covering the legal and commercial differences between these business arrangements, and why franchising can represent a better scenario in many cases.

The Orbit of Franchise Formats: A full review of the most commonly used types of franchising followed by teamwork analysis to decide which type is most suitable for domestic and global expansion of the business.

Through the Wormhole to Franchising: A metaphoric presentation built on a journey to space where participants will meet 25 professionals who will help them build the systems for a successful franchise business.

Role Modelling Session: Four participants will spend 10 minutes playing the role of a franchise service provider (supplier) of their choice, and offer her/his services to the group. Then, the other participants will give her/him a score out of 10 based on her/his convincing abilities to sell her/his services.

A Typical Franchisee Support Package: A brief on the anatomy of initial and ongoing managerial, operational, and technical support guidelines, accompanied by a mind mapping session to visually identify and organize the technical, managerial, and operational support packages to be offered to franchisees.

How to Structure & Draft Operating Manuals? An illustrative example of the main titles of a franchise operating manual, followed by a brain storming session to identify the format of a tailor-made operating manual for a franchise business.

Corporate Image & Brand Identity in Franchising: A visual exhibit to highlight the essential difference between the two, and how they relate to a franchise business concept, paralleled with a practice and feedback session to identify, and custom-build the elements of image/identity for the franchise business.

Your Proprietary Product/Service Mix: The main factors necessary for building an innovative supply chain management system and the possible challenges in the direct cost and retail pricing of products and services, coupled with a demonstration on an Excel spreadsheet to show the participants how the products and services may be priced for the best interest of the franchisor and the franchisees.

Unlock the Potential of Your Franchisees: A presentation on designing an inspiring leadership, managerial and operational classroom, and hands-on training programs to transfer job and product/service knowledge, and the genetic characteristics of the business to franchisees.

Design Your Own Franchisee Training Program: A groupwork session where participants are split into two groups to produce an outline of a training program designed for the specific requirements of the business. Then, each group will present their program for the other group to discuss and provide feedback.

Judge & Jury – Legal Documentation & Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Types and main headers of franchise agreements, and the elements of intellectual property rights as the backbone of the franchisor/franchisee legal relationship, emphasized by sharing a template of an agreement with the participants for review and discussion.

Do It Yourself (DIY) – Franchise Revenue Sources & Financial Study: Using an Excel spreadsheet template, participants will work with the trainer to produce a customized financial study for the franchise business showing initial investment, and income/profit levels for the franchisor and the franchisees.

What’s in it for You? Franchise Terms & Conditions: The trainer will provide a brief on the main headers of a standard franchise proposal, and the participants will work in two groups to produce a comprehensive term sheet. Then, each group will present its proposal/term sheet for the other group to discuss and provide feedback.

The Franchise Marketing Process: A group discussion to complete a prospective franchisee/investor profile, and to exchange ideas about target markets, strategy for national and regional expansion, effective traditional and online franchise marketing tools, and the required budget, followed by a review and assessment session to compare the expected returns from each tool, and the development and execution of a franchise marketing plan with sufficient gravitational power to attract qualified franchisees.

Website & Social Media Platforms, Beyond Layout & Color Schemes: Online case studies to demonstrate informative and well balanced features of websites and social media platforms that can be paramount to the success of your franchise business marketing, lead generation, procurement and supply of proprietary products/services, and managing and supporting franchisees electronically.

Building A Franchise-Related Organizational Structure: Teamwork analysis to discuss organizational expansion, and the required franchise administration system, and the possibilities for internal staffing through promoting current employees to fill new franchise managerial and operational positions or relying on talent acquisition from outside the company to cope with the growth of the franchise business.

Simple Rules for Management & Financial Success: A presentation on utilizing the obtainable resources in the company to achieve organizational objectives, improve franchise management functions, and meet the expectations of all involved parties in the process. This presentation also focuses on effective time management skills.

Your Four-Dimensional Franchise in Space & Time – How Does the Theory of the Universe Apply to Your Franchise Model? An analogy of the equations governing the universe with the theories which regulate the success of your franchise business followed by an inspirational self-help presentation of the “10 Laws of Highly Successful Franchisors.”

60 Second Countdown – Zippy Review: The group is split into two teams, and one participant from each team uses a flip chart to write the key concepts of the subjects presented during the course with the support of her/his team. The team that comes up with the longer list in 60 seconds wins.

“Education is not the learning of facts. It’s rather the training of the mind to think.”
Albert Einstein

A German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the pillars of modern physics. He is best known to the general public for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc².