Virtual Training Solutions
A Digital Education Model of a Conventional Training Room

Participate in The Franchise Trainer™ main training programs, and access presentations, course material, information packs and lesson notes online without leaving your desk.

““Online education is like a rising tide; it's going to lift all boats.” ”
Anant Agarwal

An Indian computer architecture researcher. He is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

All The Franchise Trainer™ standard training courses and in-depth franchise content are available in an online education digital model. With this live interactive real-time training, we remain committed to helping our clients achieve their professional franchise development and expansion goals regardless of their location.

With more adaptability and organizational flexibility over a traditional classroom, our profound franchise knowledge, and comprehensive syllabi are made available to a geographically dispersed audience without them having to leave their desks.

In a virtual classroom, our unique training techniques are maintained with brainstorming, ideation, discussion & focus groups, teamwork analysis, mind-mapping and face-to-face questions & answers sessions. Digital learning also grants participants and trainers the opportunity to share their views and opinions instantaneously.

Via internet-enabled technology and visual aids, participants can attend live sessions from their smartphones, tablets or laptops, view trainers’ material, access information packs and lessons’ notes online, and engage in one-to-one textual communication, and web-based whiteboards.

An Unmissable Variety of Online Franchise Events

A powerful and engaging learning experience through live innovative channels and view-on-demand virtual recorded sessions.

A wide range of live and interactive sessions of online training events including franchise webinars, workshops, roundtables, panels, interviews, speed networking, polls & awards, entrepreneur personal encounters, and virtual franchise exhibitions and conferences.